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2013 In Review

Wow, what a year it has been! How is 2013 over already?!

At the end of last year, I put it out there that I wanted to attend at least one workshop in 2013. Well, in 2013, I ended up doing four and half business related workshops – the half being one that I am currently still working through – plus the countless workshops I watched on Creative Live.

2013 was definitely a year of Learning!

It was a year of learning A LOT about business, and a lot about myself, thanks to all of you.

In February, I was nominated for an About.com’s Readers Choice Award and after 30 days of intense voting
I was awarded the title of Favourite Intuitive Artist of the Year! And as awesome as it was to win, I have to be honest;
the real honour came from what people had to say about my work, and about me.
To know that my work was (and is) felt on a much deeper level than just a simple photograph filled me with such joy.
Because for me that is why I do what I do.
To show my clients just how truly divine and beautiful they are.


At the end of 2012 and much of 2013, I heard a lot of women say they loved my work, and as soon as they lost X amount of weight they were going to book a shoot with me. It used to frustrate me when I would hear this, because a big part of what I offer is EMPOWERMENT. So then I would go into my whole, “but you’re perfect, now” rebuttal speech, which rarely got me anywhere. And then one day, I had a friend ask me when I was going to have MY OWN photo taken, to which I laughed and said, and I quote – “when I’m not such a fatty.” Well wasn’t that a slap in the face.
What kind of person was I if I didn’t walk my own talk?
If you’ve shot with me, you know I am all about breaking through the comfort barrier, and taking a risk!
So for my 29th birthday – and what has now become a yearly tradition -
I put on my big girl panties asked Dan take some boudoir photos for me.
Looking back on it, it was a great experience! I loved it! And I LOVE my photos! BUT In the moment I was a nervous wreck! I even went all Ricky Bobby “I’m not sure what to do with my hands,” from Talladega Nights. HA HA. So ladies if you’re afraid to book a shoot because you’re nervous, and don’t know how to pose, don’t worry!
I pose women all day long, and I have no idea how to pose myself!


And from one awkward situation to the next, in May I flew down to Seattle to be in the audience for a Michael Port workshop on Creative Live.  Like I said I am all about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to face my fear of being on camera while learning from one of the best marketing guru’s out there. It was such a great experience, I got to meet some really talented and inspirational people and enjoy a little sightseeing in what has now become one of my favourite cities! BTW, Seattle has the best food – a little side note for all you foodies out there.


And then the sweet and lovely month of June delivered a dreamy boudoir feature on the very awesome Bridal Detective!
Love this blog!

Our summer and beginning of fall was filled with lots of shooting and more workshops,
and an opportunity to do my first trade show!

September/October was all about Sexapalooza! Who knew doing a tradeshow was so much work?! I’m pretty sure I did, which is part of the reason why this was my first, but boy oh boy was it worth it. We (my uncle, Dan and myself) built a kick-ass booth! It was gorgeous! I always said when the time came to do a show, I was going to do it right, and we totally did! The show, the crowd, the organizers, our team, everything was awesome! I cannot thank my amazing team onsite, and behind the scenes enough for all of the help and support along the way. What an incredible experience. So many invaluable teachings were learned.

In November one of our beautiful Stylized Weddings was featured in The Wedding Planner Magazine GTA!
And we also became part of the Wedding Chicks family!

WeddingPlannerGTA _AuraAtelier_TorontoWeddingPhotographer

And then in December we were featured for another Styled Wedding in Elegant Wedding!

What a freaking YEAR!
Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and avid supporters who made 2013 such a great success!
We love you all and could not have done it without you!

We wish you much happiness in the New Year, and cannot wait to share all the exciting things we have planned for 2014!

Much love,

Tiffany and team Aura.

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