Walking the talk

Below is a post I shared on instagram this morning, and felt it was important to share on the blog for those who don’t follow us on instagram yet – which I suggest you all go and do right now if you don’t already. It’s easy, just float your mouse over to the sidebar on the left and there is a widget that will take you straight to us;)

Taken from Aura’s instagram:

I spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday answering inquiries and going over the Aura process.

When I explain to women how to complete their homework, I often use the example that I don’t like my legs. And I explain that it’s all about finding ways to appreciate the areas of your body that you feel more sensitive about. This can be done through different types lighting, posing or angles.

Because I practice what I preach, and I felt my legs deserved some love after all that talk yesterday, here is a shot I took this morning right before getting out of bed.

No photoshop just a B&W filter.


Today’s challenge, (and hopefully everyday from this day on) Stop. Breathe. And be PRESENT with your beautiful bod. You’ve only got one. Love it. #bodymindwellness #transformation #theauradiffence #bepresent #bodylove #legs #ottawaboudoirphotographer



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